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Free your mind    Tune into yourSelf    Follow your Heart​​​

1 Time Only offers:

10 Free Personal Therapy Sessions   Limited to the First 7 people

8 FREE Begin Within Guidance (Spiritual Counselling) Sessions 

(Interesting fact, this font is named "Shadows into Light. ;~) Co-incidence? Not at all and I didn't pick it myself!  I was going to change it until I saw the name. TRUTH!

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Our Intention

If you are feeling lost without a map or guide, 

we'll teach you how to read the compass inside. 

Whether you believe in Jesus, God, Creator Allah or Buddha. 

It matters not to us. We're still here for ya. 

Our goal is not to make you believe what we feel is true. 

Our intentions are for you to Be

true to your-Self, hear your-Self

And set Your Own TRUE SELF Free!

Christianna :)

Christianna Carr  2011

Healin Within

Healing Services

*Spiritual Psychotherapy (Holistic approach) 10  Free Sessions limited to 1st 7 people. (contact for Details on any of our services)

*Body Psychotherapy

*Begin Within Guidance

8 FREE Sessions (Spiritual Direction)

*Various readings for Insight

*Spirit Connections

*Personal Energy Cleansing

*Home Energy Cleansing

*Custom Artist Renderings


Authentic Gifts

All of our gifts are gifts full of Love and Healing and personal touch. You are doing more than buying a gift when you purchase through Begin Within, You are also:

Supporting, Encouraging and acknowledging the gifts in someone else.

Supporting the community.

Bringing awareness back to our Beautiful Mother Earth

Supporting Heart Centred Authenticity in personal and societal, social and economic growth and development.

And so much more...

 Now that truly is a loving gift that keeps on giving.  

We will also be offering workshops for you to explore your own innate gifts.  We all have special gifts unique to each one of us.  To find and develop your gifts Begin Within. ;-)



With an extensive collection of books to help guide you on your path.

A wide array of topics all around self help and spirituality, religion, inspiration, health, etc.

The Library is always growing, contact us if you have books to contribute. ;-) We intend to have a lending program or lending club.

(Would you prefer to pay a small deposit, a portion of which, you get back when you return the book? Or a Paid Membership where can borrow without paying a deposit each time as well as discounts in store? (Sorry no discounts on Spiritual Psychotherapy as per CRPO regulations)

Watch for a full list of Books in our Library coming soon.


We are Just Beginning

Begin Within has been a dream for many years now.  It is coming now to life in the physical world, watch for pictures of our journey in the renovation process.  I am at the precipice right now to Purchase The Begin Within Home, it is a highly charged and exciting time!  For it is not for me, it Begins With me and my family so we can in turn give back and pay forward all the blessings we are/were gifted.  As it is for everyone, I am no exception to the Begin Within Rule, as I call it, but I didn't make it up.  Basically the outside is a reflection of the inside. ;~)

I am in it for the LOVE not the money, but money is a tool I need to be able to do the work I am here to do.

Any kind of support you are able to offer is greatly appreciated and will be used for the highest and best interest of all.  Whether a monetary donation, a gift of your expertise, an offer of your services, donations of books or other relevant items, etc.... At Begin Within it's all about listening to your intuition and sharing your gifts, anything that you are guided to share with us will be perfect and accepted with Gratitude and Joy and Blessings and Love returned to you and paid forward too.

Thank-You For Being, as well as for supporting and Believing in Begin Within. And Me. =~D

Loving Contributions

Loving Contributions