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It is Happening Now!

We are all a work in progress, so please bare with us if the buttons are not all set up and the site seems incomplete. We are starting online and hoping it to represent, as best we can, what our physical space will be like.  As we have products available to sell they will be posted on our store page.  As we build our resources and network we will post them to our links, resources and Allies page, that will include but not be restricted to the Peterborough area. So that you will be able to find resources local to you.  If you have Services and resources to offer and would like to be part of our growing community please share your info and I will be happy to add you to our lists and links. =~)

Christianna Carr therapist in training and Begin Within Guide

I (Christianna) am an eclectic spiritualist or Hip Universal Gypsy Soul (H.U.G.S) My beliefs being deeply rooted in Earth based spirituality and G.O.D as I see it, Great One-ness Divine.  I am of mixed descent mainly English, Celtic and North American Indigenous, coming from both my parents. I have traced back 5 generations, on my mothers side, to find Cherokee and more recently found out that my Great Grandfather, on my fathers side, was possibly M'qmaq from the East Coast, New Brunswick. I had found a census that had my Great Grandfather's parents listed as Native and all their children as Latino?!  I found this puzzling and amusing to be honest, also it highlights many other things in all of our societal histories! 

So, I am an English Canadian Celtic M'qmaq Cherokee.  It is then no wonder that the healing techniques I practice and that I am still learning, are a blend of modern day psychotherapy and indigenous teachings, traditions, healing ceremonies and practices of looking at the whole being in relation to ALL and vice versa.

I asked to be reminded of my Spirit Name in October 2016,

I am,  Sweetgrass Water Medicine Woman, Eagle Clan. 

This is my personal medicine to share on my Earth walks.

I have been discovering, through the feedback of others, that I have a subtle yet very powerful loving healing energy which perpetuates the healing abilities in others, helping them to heal themselves and feel their roots and light up their Beings.  In other words I am a Self aware, Loving reflection of all the Beauty I see in others and around me.  I work subtly behind the scenes, with the support and guidance of All My Loving Light Relations, sending out truly unconditional love and support, in the highest and best interest of all! My intentions are pure and true and faithful.  I am always learning more about my SEUS, Safe Effective Use of Self, something I learned at school, and utilizing it my life not just in session with clients. 

I Love to witness people discovering the Beautiful Beings they, that we all, truly are!  I do this with full awareness that, we are all our own healers and with a little support from the outside, we heal ourselves.

All healing Begins Within. ;~)

I have recently completed the Spiritual Psychotherapy with the Spiritual Director program at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto; Ontario; Canada.  I included a link if you wanted to see what he program is all about.

I am currently working under the Supervision of a Registered Psychotherapist, as well as a Spiritual Director Supervisor for my case studies in Begin Within Guidance. ;~)  I am working to fulfill the client session/hour requirements to receive my Spiritual Psychotherapy Diploma and be able to write my exam, to become a Qualifying Registered Psychotherapist, QRP, with the College of Registered Psychotherapist Organization (CRPO), also the supervision requirements for my Spiritual Director Diploma. When I will become a fully qualified and Registered Psychotherapist, RP.

I wish to work with the Beautiful Beings in the Helping, Healing, Social work fields, to support them in their self care, the work they do and to continue doing the very important, much needed, essential work that they do.  Those working with children and families, women in domestic violence situations, in our First Nations communities urban and in the communities.

I am dreaming of a mobile unit that I can take to directly to the parking lot of these Not-For-Profit organizations, and offer private sessions for the employees and volunteers there.

I will also have a private practice at the Begin Within Home/Shop.

At this time I am able to offer 7 people the opportunity to try 10 sessions of Personal Therapy for FREE!  This is part of my supervised training where you and I will be learning together.  With the support of my Case Supervisor that I check in with and get feedback from.

Please contact [email protected]  for more details.

There is the opportunity to have 1 FREE or maybe 2 or 3 sessions of Spiritual Direction, in the Peterborough Area

Our Team

Helping You To hear Your Self and Trust your Intuition

Laura lee secord

Psychic Medium

We have Laura's title to be "Psychic Medium" though we feel this really doesn't quite describe or encompass all of what Laura is and does.

Laura is an incredibly multifaceted, talented, genuinely loving and caring individual. An all around Beautiful Soul. She has an amazing ability to help you connect with your loved ones on the other side, or however you like to describe it.  She is also talented in Spiritual Home Cleansing and helping Spirit and humans to share space.  She enjoys using her abilities to connect with Spirit and sharing the messages she receives. She has a variety of ways to connect and receive the information that comes through, including using various card decks eg, Tea Leaf cards, Oracle cards and Angel Tarot.  She makes use of a variety of these tools when doing readings for individuals. Although unnecessary because of her strong direct connection to spirit, these tools help to focus the energy and makes the readings a little more tangible for the client. She has an interest in expanding into group readings.  She is always exploring and honing her gifts and talents.  With her beautiful Loving Energy she has helped many  to understand the messages and guidance that Spirit and their Loved ones are sending them. There is a lot more to Laura's abilities that she herself is still discovering and developing. 

Contact Laura personally email  [email protected]

Erika Prentovich

Sol. Proprietor of “Red Witch Studio’s”

(White Witch & Artist)

One of our Beautiful Allies.

Erika strives to put her heart and positive nature into all she creates. Having empathetic tendencies allows her to see deeper than the surface of most people, animals, objects and situations. This enhances the energy she contributes to her artwork, animal totem readings, meditations and natural lifestyle existence.

The artwork she does revolves around nature, positive inspiration and the spiritual. Although Erika uses a varied assortment of materials in her paintings, mosaics and spiritual artifacts, she gravitates to nature, to supply her with the beginnings of her creations.

Dealing with animals comes naturally to Erika, so it is an instinctive path to engaging with animal guides. She uses her card reading & intuitive meditation skills to help find your animal totem guides, intuit a life challenge, compose positive affirmations to aid in achieving your goals, sketching or painting visuals to manifest your desired life expectations.

Living a natural lifestyle herself, starting 17 years ago and continues ongoing studies, Erika endeavours to share her experiences to aid all who also aspire to elevate to a healthier living environment for themselves, family and pets.

This constitutes natural herbs, spices, oils, tinctures & infusions for medicinal (internal & external), cosmetic, personal hygienic, household, emotional and spiritual benefits. 

Contact Erika   [email protected]  Click on the Facebook icon to go to The Red Witch Studio FB Page