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10 Free Sessions with a Therapist in training

Christianna approaches is now able to begin working with clients. She is required to finish a certain number of hours of therapy and check ins, with a fully registered psychotherapist supervisor, in order to graduate.  This is a win-win. 

You get to try Spiritual Psychotherapy for Free at the same time I get to gain experience and develop and hone my craft and ability to listen with my heart and help others to hear their own answers.  I am especially interested in Helping those helping others.  Self care for everyone, but is so important especially for those who others depend on for guidance and to help them in their lives.  Spiritual Therapy for the Therapists and social workers and anyone else in the business of service to others.  Those in the professions with the highest risk of burnout.  Let's work together to Begin Within.

Much Love Big Heart Hugs