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My Youtube Channel

Here I will share daily cards, Sacred Path and Totem for the day.  I will also use this for vlogging about my own Begin Within Journey.

I don't know why the video isn't popping up, at least on my screens, so just in case here is the link to my channel

Healing Services

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Personal Therapy

10 Free sessions limited to 7 people in the Peterborough area.

for details and to apply contact [email protected]

Learn more about yourself and techniques to help you quiet your mind. Or maybe you just need someone, unbiased and non-judgmental, to talk to in order to find new perspective on situations in your life past or present even the future, the anticipated and the unknown. 

Spiritual Direction/Guidance

1 Free Session for the first 8 people to sign up By June 2017 

To reserve your session Contact [email protected]

If you have ever wondered what your purpose is, questioned your beliefs, lost a loved one and asked why.

Spiritual Direction can help you find out how to get the answers to those questions we all ask sometimes. It can offer ways to reconnect with your beliefs or find that you need new ones. It all depends on your freewill. And the Divine however you define it to be.

Insightful Intuitive Readings

Gain insight into your life maybe even your future with an insightful reading.

There are a variety of techniques used. For example Oracle cards, tarot cards, Intuitive, etc, sometimes a combination is used in one reading.

Open up to your Loving guidance and receive messages about daily life situations and circumstances or higher vision for major decisions.

You can also connect with your loved ones on the other side.

Learn your directional totem animals and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Personal Energy Cleansing

Sometimes we get to feeling sluggish even when we have been doing our self care and getting the rest we need. As we go through our days we all are exchanging and picking up each others energies.  Personal Energy Clearing/Cleansing helps to remove the excess energies that do not belong to you as well as your own that no longer serve you. There are a variety of techniques used to do this.

Spiritual Home Energy Cleansing

Ever walked into a room and you could feel the energy, like tension for example?  Like our bodies, our homes attract and hold energies.  We offer Spiritual Home cleansing to help you feel more relaxed and safe in your own personal space. 

Customized Artist Renderings

This is an awesome Services. Send us a personal photo of a person, place or thing and have one of our talented artists turn it into a Beautiful One-of-a-Kind Custom Portrait. Maybe you have a  special request/idea for a painting. How about a Spirit portrait? Maybe an intuitive painting of Your Loving guide or personal Totem? The possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

In Your Own Words

Do you have an experience or comment to share, about a gift or service you received at Begin Within? We'll post it here. ;-)

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