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Our Vision is based on the concept of PERSONAL GIFTS of all kinds, whether they be in the form of talents and abilities we are ALL uniquely blessed with. From the gift of creating a work of art of any kind, to the gift of helping others heal;  Discovering the gift of self healing, hidden talents,  as well as the personal, thoughtful gifts we buy for one another.  All the products that we sell are made or created by someone with a gift they wish to express and share.  This store will be a living entity growing and expanding as we grow and expand

You are doing more than buying a gift when you purchase through Begin Within, you are also supporting, encouraging and acknowledging the gifts in someone else as well as supporting our local economy.  Now that truly is a loving gift that keeps on giving.

To Contribute your Talents

Do you have a special talent for creating? Would you like to see, share and sell your creations through Begin Within? We are especially interested in showcasing our peoples, traditional indigenous/First Nations, cultural arts, crafts, and various handmade treasures and wares.

Are you an Indigenous or cultural Artist using/blending traditional methods?  Would you be open to teaching your craft?  We would definitely be interested in sharing your creations!  Personal experience: I once received a medicine pouch for a gift. I was told it was purchased from a trading post up north, I was disappointed to find a tag that said "Made in Indonesia" .

What you find @ Begin Within will all be made/created by local artist and craftspeople. 

(The Bakery photos came with the page sorry) =~P

Thank-You for Being

I wish to Purchase a small Gift of Contribution, and receive the Gift of Appreciation Gratitude and the Good Ol' Warm and Fuzzy Feeling, that comes when you purchase and give a thoughtful Loving gift that makes a difference.  Your "Buck$" will be paid forward in various ways!

Receive a discount in store with purchase receipt

Thank-You for Being